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Trek Software is an amateur software company started by two teenagers, David and Chase. They have both since graduated high school and are now in college. David also runs his own computer repair business. We have developed a number of free, clean-cut, and (hopefully) enjoyable computer games using the DarkBASIC programming language. Enjoy looking around at some of our games and tutorials which can help you get started making your own games with the DarkBASIC Professional language.

Latest Release

Radon: Front Lines

Terrorists have taken over a city in the US with a fleet of autonomous robots. They are now working on assembling a Nuclear Bomb to completely destroy the city and make it permanently uninhabitable. As a Robot Operations Specialist, you are in command of the Radon - a remote control countermeasure to the terrorist threat. Your mission is to combat fire with fire and defend the country from this threat.

Using the arrow-keys and spacebar, you can move and launch weapons from the Radon. You can also switch to different weapons using the number keys 1-4 depending on what level you are currently tackling (every other level, you gain a new weapon). Also, if you collect all the money and intelligence papers scattered throughout each level, a special secret weapon is unlocked.

Note: To change the resolution, open the "Widescreen" text file and change the value as indicated in the explanation.


Radon: Front Lines Radon: Front Lines Radon: Front Lines


To download "Radon: Front Lines" click on the link below and wait for a dialog box to appear. It should ask you whether you'd like to open or save the file. Select "Save" and specify a place (such as your Desktop) to save it to. It is an approximately 36 MB download so, while on broadband connections it may only be about a minute to download, it could take quite awhile on dial-up connections to finish.

Download Radon: Front Lines (Currently Unavailable)

After its finished downloading, find the zipped folder called "Radon-Front_Lines" and unzip it. Then, double click on the executable called "Radon - Front Lines" (not "Radon" since that is a helper executable which can be used to run custom levels but will crash unless the necessary steps are taken to set this up) in the unzipped folder to start the game.

One common problem you may encounter is a message about DirectX. If you receive this error, you can update to a later version of DirectX at this link for free and hopefully thus fix the problem.

If you have any questions or comments, you can send an e-mail to.