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Codename Countdown -- It is 2010. NASA has renewed their Lunar program and launched a manned flight to the moon. But something has gone very wrong. In the lunar entry process, an explosion rocks the spacecraft knocking out radio contact and damaging the electrical system. The crew climbs into the lunar module and succesfully lands on the moon. Using the metals and other parts of the module, they build a remote controlled Lunar Atmospheric Navigator (LAN) from the scrap parts of their Lunar Module and then use pieces from their rocket (which crashed a few miles away) to build their navigational headquarters.

You are the flight controller. Using all your experience up to this point you must put your skills to the ultimate test of survival as you carry out various missions in the low-gravity atmosphere to ultimately result in your escape. By repairing outside equipment, carrying out dangerous operations, and attempting other similar missions, you hope that your tech crew will be able to assemble a sattellite rocket in time so that you can signal NASA of your dillema.

With 5 challenging levels, loads of graphical effects, fully 3D landscape, and realistic audio effects, this game is one of Trek's best productions until this point.